GAME AUDIO PORTFOLIO: I`m a composer, producer and sound designer. I have been making music and sound since the nineties. and since 2011 I have worked on productions for audiovisual content: theater, tv, video games and advertising. I love this job because it is fun and it allows me to keep on learning. I’m a curious and restless person.. I enjoy team work in the game audio field.
In addition to the work that I do for companies that hire me, I am constantly experimenting in diversity of areas of sound design, through redesigns. Here is a selection of music, stingers, sfx, mfx and re-designs with all the love of a lifetime dedicated to sound.


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El mariachi

Company: Vibragaming
Producer: ArkOne Studio
My Role: Composer / Sound Designer

A Mariachi Calaca trying to get to his girlfriend still alive. The story tells of an inland town in Mexico, where romantic ballads are heard every night. The people of the town know that they come from that dead mariachi lover, who is still courting his beloved.


clover fantasy

Company: Vibragaming
Producer: ArkOne Studio
My Role: Composer / Sound Designer

A tale about leprechauns, oktoberfest and lucky clovers.Typical goblin and rainbow scene, sunny day, hobbit-type goblin house.

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metal slug




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